Our dear pastor, Keith Tonkel, died March 8 at Baptist Hospital in Jackson. He was 81. Keith faithfully served Wells Church for more than 48 years, helping create a unique ministry of service and love to the Jackson inner city area on Bailey Avenue. “Loving, Caring, Sharing” is the motto of Wells Church, but it also describes this wonderful man of God, who so understood and sought to share with all of his heart, soul, mind and strength the love of God and the Good News of God’s grace through Jesus Christ. His loving spirit was contagious to all who knew and loved him.

WellsFest 2015 - 

Last Saturday in September

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 Wells United Methodist Church

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Wells' Missions...
Wells is moving into new areas of missions work, including to the Cap Haitien area in the northern part Haiti. Our main goals are to meet the following 4 interests:
· To utilize multiple gifts within the congregation by not doing solely medical missions (though medical is great as well!)
· To engage in activities that are going to result in long-lasting change in the community we are working with

· To be culturally appropriate – marked by listening to and honoring the goals, methods, and processes of the culture that hosts us
·To build interpersonal relationships with the community that transcend the immediate tasks at hand.
     To those ends, a few of us will be making a fact-finding trip to Cap Haitien, Haiti on October 13-19, 2013 to meet with people from a Haitian-born nonprofit (NGO) called Sacred Heart Center, which works primarily with severely malnourished children and their mothers to help them improve their lot in life.    Many opportunities may be present for Wells' involvement, including helping develop a rooftop garden, helping develop a new direction in their sewing program to provide more income for the families, and other things that they haven't even thought of yet!
     In addition, we will be making in-country contacts with representatives from Living Waters of the World (LWW), which works with villages in 19 countries to install and maintain water purification systems with the goal of decreasing disease and increasing life expectancy. We may partner with a church in Tennessee that has installed several solar water purification systems in the Cap Haitien area, and will want a few people from Wells to go through LWW training and/or the solar school so that we can contribute those skills. We expect to learn much and come back to Wells with exciting information.
       Other missions opportunities that are getting off the ground are working with United Methodist Volunteers in Mission (UMVIM) in Oklahoma disaster relief. This is primarily building/demolition/carpentry work, and may partner with other churches in the area. If you have interest or questions about this, please contact Bruce Reynolds at bruce.spencer.reynolds@gmail.com. Also several of us have done training with Bridges Out of Poverty, which is a program to help lower-income individuals reach their goals to be more financially stable. If you have any questions, please contact Jeff Parker, Debbie Konkle-Parker, or Bruce Reynolds through the church web site or by email (admin@wellschurch.org).