Live from Wells

We can't gather for church, go to concerts or go to hear music at our favorite nightspots, but Wells will offer up some great tunes each Thursday, featuring outstanding musicians from our congregation.

The concerts will be set up to adhere to social distancing to protect all involved. We will be given an opportunity to donate to support our professional musicians who can't perform publicly now due to the restrictions to help contain the Coronavirus.

Please tune in to the Wells Facebook page at 7 p.m. Thursday.

Music Lineup for Thursday, May 28

Join us "Live from Wells" on Facebook with These Days Featuring Jewel Bass with Jesse Robinson!

It's been over four decades since WZZQ radio personality Sergio Fernandez and a couple of friends started a band called "These Days," whose sound was different from any other band in town. The band was funky, danceable, and a hit on the Jackson music scene. Still is.

It wasn't long before Malcolm White put together WellsFest and one of his first calls was to "These Days," one of his regular George Street Grocery bands, who have since played more times on the WellsFest stages than they can remember.

The band has an impressive list of alumni including Grammy winner Cassandra Wilson and G.C. Cameron of "spinners" and "Temptations" fame to name just a couple. But when Malco session singer Jewel Bass with her performances on hit records like "Mr. Big Stuff" and "Down Home Blues" came on board, the band found its groove and enjoyed new heights of popularity.

"Live from Wells" will present an hour with "These Days" that features the band's tight, jazzy, funky style of playing and showcase Jewel's incredible versatility and range from blues and jazz to R&B.

If that weren't enough, there will be a very special guest appearance by legendary blues guitarist Jesse Robinson, who has enjoyed worldwide success with his latest recording and who was hand-picked to tour and appear as frontman for the B.B. King Orchestra in honor of his old friend's memory.

There are a number of entertainment options on television and the world wide web, but nowhere else will you see a band with the history of this one performing with two bonafide Mississippi musical legends. "Live from Wells" is appointment viewing so don't miss it!